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Malt Whisky

The malt whisky is obtained by processing a single cereal: the malted barley, commonly called barley malt.
The malt whisky of the Union Distillery is drawn from selected varieties of barley, malted, peated or not, national and imported.

Peated malt whisky is produced from selected varieties of imported peat barley malt. Barley is dried through burning peat, which incorporates characteristic flavors to the barley that will be transferred to the distillate.

Besides barley malt, other two ingredients are very important for the production: water and yeast.

Types and application:

The new or fresh distillate (unaged) is called “Simple Alcoholic Distilled of Malt”.
Brazilian laws require that the Simple Alcoholic Distilled of Malt used for whisky fabrication being aged on oak barrels with a maximum capacity of seven hundred liters, for a period not less than two years, then called malt whisky.
The continuous aging in oak barrels, accentuates the characteristics colors and aromas, increasing product complexity, making it ideal for the preparation of true and traditional whiskey.
Malt whisky is commercialized peated or not, at 60% ABV and, considering the aging time.