» Organizational Guidelines


“Growth, continuous modernization and quality of life with sustainability.”

Future vision

“Be a company of excellence”.

Code of Ethics:

I – Costumer as the most important patrimony.

II – Ethics in the relationships.

III – Valorization and respect for people and society.

IV – Commitment to quality and continuous improvement, with creativity and innovation.

V – Respect for the environment.


Quality Policy:

“Quality is practiced on a daily, through an efficient staff, appropriate technology, with continuous results and improvements, in accordance with the company’s organizational guidelines, aiming to supply the needs of the clients with products and services that meet and even top their expectations”.

Social Responsibility Policy:

“Union Distillery Maltwhisky do Brasil is committed to meet and spread the social responsibility rules, not accepting any kind of child work, forced work or abusive disciplinary practices; ensuring safe and healthy work environment; allowing free negotiations and association; respecting the differences; offering compatible remuneration; following the legal work journey; and continuously improving its Management System.”Destilaria-Union